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Radon Gas Mitigation Case Studies: Stacey C

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 by Doug Smith


Stacey C had found her radon levels to be approximately 20 PC/L. She contacted us to mitigate the radon and lower the radon levels throughout. Stacey had a large basement with an added on concrete floor crawlspace. There was a room on the side of the basement under the stairs that had the chimney and well area and the foundation walls had footings. We had to install multiple suction points due to the high radon levels and size/design of the basement. Not only was mitigating the radon important, but Stacy also wanted the system to look good and not be visible from the outside if possible. 


We proceeded and installed (4) suction points in Stacy's basement. One in the room under the stairs, another in the corner, one next to the crawlspace, and lastly a suction point in the crawlspace concrete floor. All schedule 40 PVC piping was connected and ran to one fan. We proceeded and ran the PVC piping under the bathroom, into the garage, and up through the attic. The low voltage radon fan was professionally installed in the attic and vented out through the roof. This making the radon system virtually invisible from the outside. We also made sure to put the suction points in inconspicuous yet strategic locations so the system was out of site yet effective. Following post radon testing the levels had dropped from near 20 to .5 Pico Curies. We were amazed with the results and excited we had the opportunity to help Stacey and her family improve their indoor air quality!

Project Summary

Project Design: Doug Smith

Installing Contractor: ALS Property Associates, Inc.

Products Installed: Schedule 40 PVC Pipe, Prowler LV Radon Fan, Fan Moisture Guard w/ extended 10 year warranty

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