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Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

Before After
Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

This is an example of exterior portion of a standard radon mitigation system ran for a real-estate transaction. As always, we took time to professionally install the system so it looks great and will withstand the outdoor elements. 

Radon Mitigation System - Kalamazoo, MI

Radon Mitigation System - Kalamazoo, MI

Before After
Radon Mitigation System - Kalamazoo, MI Radon Mitigation System - Kalamazoo, MI

Interior example of a radon mitigation system completed for a real-estate transaction. Notice how clean and inconspicuous this installation is. We always take the time and make sure we are installing our systems professionally and strategically to not only effectively lower radon levels but maintain the value of the home. 

Multi- Family Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

Multi- Family Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

Before After
Multi- Family Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI Multi- Family Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

The subject before and after shows a radon fan and exhaust piping for a multi-family building. This system includes a combination sub-slab and sub-membrane depressurization. We were able to locate the piping next to the air conditioner lines for a better aesthetic look.

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Your trusted contractor for radon testing, radon mitigation, & other indoor air quality services in Kalamazoo, MI

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and has been found throughout the country, including Kalamazoo, MI. The only way to tell if you have radon in your home is with professional radon testing. Luckily, ALS Property Associates, Inc can help.

As a member of National Radon Defense, we can test your home and identify if your home has a dangerous level of radon. If your home does have an elevated radon level then we can help by installing a radon mitigation system. Our tried and tested mitigation systems pull radon outside your home and can reduce even the highest radon levels back to a safe level. We also offer other indoor air quality services for removing contaminants like particles, allergens, chemical pollutants, and more.

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Our services & products:

  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • Indoor air cleaners
  • HUD Multi-Family Radon Policy Mitigation
  • Breathe EZ UVC Light
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Breathe EZ Air Cleaner
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • And More!
Case Studies From Kalamazoo
Gayle had reached out to ALS after having a radon test come back at 8.5 pCi/L. This is double the recommended EPA action level and she wanted to make...
Job Stories From Kalamazoo, MI
Mold Remediation and Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Michelle reached out to us in an emergency because she had visible mold located in her finished basement. Members of their family were beginning to show side effects that seemed to be linked to possible mold toxicity. There had been a previous leak from the water softener in the utility room which drained into an adjacent finished room causing mold to grow on the drywall, trim, and carpet. This room was right below her daughter’s bedroom who was beginning to show symptoms. 

ALS Property Associates was on the job and ready to help. Upon inspection, we found visible mold growth on the backside of the drywall. Though parts of the trim had water stained, the mold was not showing on the front of the drywall and was hidden from plain sight. We proceeded to build containment around the utility room and the adjacent room with the mold issues. Once the containment was built and sealed off, we created negative pressure, ducting air from the work areas to the outdoors using a HEPA filtered negative air machine. Our team proceeded to remove the affected drywall, carpet, and some of the wet insulation. Following removal, we proceeded and vacuumed all extracted areas, walls, ceilings, floors, and flat surfaces located throughout the contained areas using Nikro HEPA filtered vacuums. After all of the HEPA vacuuming was completed, our team wet wiped all walls, floors, ceilings, and flat surfaces with a hospital grade antimicrobial disinfectant using microfiber towels. The same protocols were used in the daughter's bedroom above the utility room. After removing drywall, cleaning, and wet wiping our team fogged the contained work areas along with the entire basement and areas of the main level with Concrobium Mold Control to eliminate additional mold spores and help prevent future microbial growth. Our last step in the remediation process was to run (4) HEPA filtered air scrubbers for approximately 12-24 hours scrubbing the air of particulates and improving the overall air quality of the home. 

Once the remediation was completed the family began to improve and the mold induced side effects began to subside. Michelle also wanted to improve her indoor air quality of the family’s newer built home. We ended up installing a Breathe EZ Air Filter in her furnace along with an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The ERV brings in fresh air which is filtered and conditioned and takes stale air outdoors. We set the energy recovery ventilator to a slight positive pressure to also help lower the radon levels which were also slightly elevated. Along with the slight positive pressure, we installed a radon fan in the attic to the already installed pass through radon system that was installed with the home. We are waiting for follow up radon and mold testing but believe we successfully lowered both the mold and radon levels throughout the home to our even below outdoor levels. 

Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

Stacey C bought her entire family radon test kits for Christmas. She had read about the dangers of radon and wanted to be sure her immediate families were safe. When all the tests came back, she found that here  own radon levels were elevated to 19 Pico Curies. After a second follow up test that came back at 17 Pico Curies she decided to mitigate. 

We met with the Stacey and designed a radon sub-depressurization system that we felt would significantly lower the radon levels in the home. This included multiple suction points in the basement along with the concrete floor crawlspace. We also included an interior aesthetic package and ran the schedule 40 piping to the garage, up to the attic and out of the roof. With the fan in the attic and discharge pipe through the roof, the entire system is out of site from the exterior. This system also came with an extended 10-year warranty.  

ALS Property Associates, Inc. was happy to help her with this project and feel confident we have lowered the Radon levels significantly in the home. We will follow up on this story once a post Radon test has been completed by the homeowner. 

Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI - Photo 1Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI - Photo 2Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI - Photo 3Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI - Photo 4Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI - Photo 5
Work Requests From Kalamazoo, MI
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Buying a new home in Kalamazoo. Radon levels were over 4.1 during inspection. Would like an estimate on installing a radon mitigation system.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
I have been getting high radon readings in my home so I would like a quote for a radon system.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Moving into a house, looking to schedule a radon inspection.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Test have shown my radon levels in my home are relatively high. I have no remediation system at present. I also am concerned about the air quality in my basement and main living area.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Did an at home test and had 5.7 level. I think I need a better test. Wondering if you fix the problem if levels are still high
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Mold on contents & walls of unfinished basement
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
I have Radon levels in my home (particularly the basement we are finishing out) at ~4.5 for longterm and anywhere from 2.5-7.5 for short term readings. We've been monitoring since end of September and this has been fairly consistent. Would like to get a quote and estimate on a mitigation system to be put in the house. House has cinder block foundation with poured concrete floor. 918ft^2 is the basement footprint and is the same on the second story. No dirt exposed except in the areas of the floor drain in the furnace and water heater room.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
I need a radon test for my in home daycare license renewal.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Needs to get an radon tests
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Selling our home and mold was found in the attic.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
The Bedroom is in basement and I want to be safe.
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Rardon fan replacement
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Had purchased a DIY radon test kit and results showed elevated radon levels
Project Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Radon mitigation system
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