Quality Radon Reduction Systems in Michigan

Does quality matter when having a radon reduction system installed in your home? The answer is yes, it is extremely important. Many of the radon companies in Michigan will provide quick cookie cutter estimates over the phone when contacted by a potential client. They may ask a few questions then come up with a price that is basically given to everyone else that calls with a radon issue. The problem is there are typically circumstances with the home that will impact the design, require additional work, or need higher power radon fan. Many times these companies will install your system the way it was bid over the phone and not to the circumstances of the home. This is a shortcut and your newly installed radon system may not be as effective as you would like or what it actually could be. Sometimes this mentality can also lead to up sales down the road if the system isn't working right and needs additional extraction points, a crawlspace encapsulation, or just a heavier duty fan. It is important to use a company like ALS Property Associates, Inc. that actually sends someone to your house to complete a full inspection. They can then inspect the entire home and design a radon mitigation system that will lower the radon levels as low as possible and give you an out the door proposal with no surprises or up sales down the road. Be sure to get estimates and work with radon companies that send out an inspector. Beware of radon companies shouting out estimates over the phone!


The other issue we have seen with radon companies in Michigan is the lack of quality workmanship, radon fans, and piping. We run into systems in the area everyday that were installed with cheap thin wall pipe and cheap radon fans that are shipped from China. We fixed radon systems that other companies messed up because they didn't core the hole in the concrete properly. Many times they don't take enough fill under the slab out for communication, and don't seal the system properly allowing air to escape from the basement of the home causing negative pressure in the basement. ALS Property Associates, Inc uses top quality Festa Radon Fan, schedule 40 piping, and always provides top notch workmanship. Not are our systems top quality, but we work with the homeowner to find ways to make them look great as well. 


The last issue is radon mitigation warranties. Some local Michigan companies advertise a lifetime warranty online, then only offer a 2-5 year warranty that doesn't even include radon levels. Other companied offer  5-year warranty likely because the fan is warrantied for the five years. Our team believes in the radon system we have installed and offer a 10-year warranty on all radon systems. This includes parts, fan, workmanship, and quality. 


The truth is quality, workmanship, and service are super important when picking a radon mitigation contractor in Michigan. Be sure to choose company that takes pride in their work and not just throwing in a pipe. Pick a company that has a good warranty, takes pride in their work, and their number one goal is to drastically improve the indoor air quality of your home. 

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