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Before and After Pictures from Saint Joseph
Radon Mitigation - St. Josepth, MI

Radon Mitigation - St. Josepth, MI

Before After
Radon Mitigation - St. Josepth, MI Radon Mitigation - St. Josepth, MI

This is an example of an interior aesthetic package. The vent piping is ran to the garage and through the roof to prevent the need for an exterior fan.

Radon Mitigation System St. Joseph, MI 49085

Radon Mitigation System St. Joseph, MI 49085

Before After
Radon Mitigation System St. Joseph, MI 49085 Radon Mitigation System St. Joseph, MI 49085

ALS Property Associates installed a radon mitigation system at a residential property in St. Joseph, MI. A sub-slab depressurization radon system was used on this residential property. Schedule 40 piping was run from the extraction point in the basement to the rear of the home. The radon fan was installed on the exterior and vented above the roof line.

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Your trusted contractor for radon testing, radon mitigation, & other indoor air quality services in Saint Joseph, MI

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and has been found throughout the country, including Saint Joseph, MI. The only way to tell if you have radon in your home is with professional radon testing. Luckily, ALS Property Associates, Inc can help.

As a member of National Radon Defense, we can test your home and identify if your home has a dangerous level of radon. If your home does have an elevated radon level then we can help by installing a radon mitigation system. Our tried and tested mitigation systems pull radon outside your home and can reduce even the highest radon levels back to a safe level. We also offer other indoor air quality services for removing contaminants like particles, allergens, chemical pollutants, and more.

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  • Radon testing
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Job Stories From Saint Joseph, MI
Radon Depressurization System - St Joseph, MI

 Paul J recently purchased a home in St. Joseph, MI. During the inspection Paul’s radon levels in his newly purchased tested at 8.6 pCi/L. After doing some research he decided to contact ALS Property Associates, Inc. for information and a mitigation proposal. Paul has a young family, and it was important to him that the levels be mitigated to a much safer level. Maintaining the aesthetic of the exterior of his home was also important to him and his family.

After scheduling an appointment Doug came out and inspected his home. Both Paul and Doug sat down together and designed a mitigation system that would mitigate the radon efficiently maintain the look of the exterior of the home. The home had had some water proofing completed and a drain system installed in two areas of the basement. The ALS team installed two radon extraction points one to each system. They then ran the schedule piping to a radon fan located in the garage attic. The fan is vented through the roof and is not visible from the outside of the home.

Paul and his family were not only happy with the quality workmanship, but the radon levels were brought down to .7 during the post radon mitigation test. Now Paul and his family no longer have to worry about radon issues in their home.

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