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Radon Gas Mitigation Case Studies: Gayle D.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 by Doug Smith


Gayle had reached out to ALS after having a radon test come back at 8.5 pCi/L. This is double the recommended EPA action level and she wanted to make sure it was properly taken care of. She had two crawlspaces that were added on and a large basement.


Our team came up with and designed a mitigation system that would sufficiently lower the elevated radon levels in the home. We installed (3) extraction points, (1) in each crawlspace, and the basement slab. Our crew removed approximately 15 gallons of fill at each location under the slab to help create an air pocket. We sealed and connected all the extraction points using Schedule 40 PVC pipe to one Prowler LV exterior radon fan located on the back of the home. The fan was strategically located in the back area of the home out of site from the front, sides, and back porch area.  This system was succuessful in creating good negative pressure under both crawlspaces along with the large basement slab. Following the radon mitigation a post test had tested the radon levels at or below 0.5 pCi/. Gayle is very happy with the end result and our team is glad we were able to provide such a high quality system. 

Project Summary

Project Design: Doug Smith

Project Installation: Bucky Block

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