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Radon Gas Mitigation Before & After Photos

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Radon Mitigation - Exterior Aesthetic Package / Delton, MI

This is an example of a system with an exterior aesthetic package. The client was worried about the looks and wanted to make sure the system aesthetically looked descent from the outside. This system also has a moisture water guard (10-year warranty) and a muffler to dampen the noise. 

Exterior Radon Fan in Schoolcraft, MI

See the above before and after of a radon fan our team installed in Schoolcraft, MI. This installation is an example of our interior aesthetic package. We install a cover and run the schedule 40 vent pipe through the soffit and roof instead of around the gutter. This gives the system a much more clean cut look.

Sump Radon Depressurization in Schoolcraft, MI

This is a before and after photo showing how we used the sump-pump pit as our radon extraction point. The drainage system under the slab ties off in the crock. We seal the cover and create negative pressure throughout the drain tile under the concrete slab. 

Radon Mitigation - Kalamazoo, MI

This is an example of exterior portion of a standard radon mitigation system ran for a real-estate transaction. As always, we took time to professionally install the system so it looks great and will withstand the outdoor elements. 

Radon Mitigation System - Kalamazoo, MI

Interior example of a radon mitigation system completed for a real-estate transaction. Notice how clean and inconspicuous this installation is. We always take the time and make sure we are installing our systems professionally and strategically to not only effectively lower radon levels but maintain the value of the home. 

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