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Radon Gas Mitigation Before & After Photos

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Radon Extraction Point - Marshall, MI

Check out this radon extraction point. It is tucked away in the corner of the home near the well out of the way of the rest of the basement.

Radon Gas Removal (Extraction Point) in Marshall, MI

This before and after photoshoot details a radon mitigation system's extraction point. The piping leads to an exterior fan that creates negative pressure under the slab. This creates a path of least resistance for the radon gas and is safely vented above the roof. 

Radon Reduction System in Sturgis, MI

See the before and after of two radon extraction points and sealed sump pump pit  we installed in Sturgis, MI. This system is creating negative pressure under the main basement slab and the elevated crawlspace. The is safely removing the radon from under the home and safely venting it outside above the roofline. 

Radon Mitigation Battle Creek, MI

Radon Mitigation completed in Battle Creek, MI

Double Radon Extraction Point - Battle Creek, MI

See the before and after of a double extraction point. One of the extraction points is for the main slab of the basement and the second is through the foundation wall and communicates with the slab of the bi-level. This one location creates negative pressure not only under the basement, but under the bi-level slab. 

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