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Energy Recovery Ventilator Jonesville, MI 49250

ALS Property Associates installed an energy recovery ventilator at a residential property in Jonesville, MI. The ERV was installed to help with the high radon levels. There was multiple crawlspaces that could not be properly sealed and a regular radon mitigation system would to be feasible. The ERV will bring in fresh air and create a small positive pressure inside the home to help reduce radon levels.

Radon Removal and Crawlspace Encapsulation

See the before and after of a crawlspace our team recently encapsulated. The encapsulation was part of the radon depressurization system we installed to mitigate the radon. The CleanSpace liner is 20 MIL thick with an antimicrobial coating and really improves the air quality and overall environment of not only the crawlspace, but the home. 

Sub Membrane Depressurization in Lansing, MI

Before and after of a full crawlspace encapsulation for a radon sub-membrane depressurization. What a transformation! This system lowered the radon levels significantly and greatly improved the comfortability of the home.

Radon/Mold Vapor Barrier Dowling, MI 49050

ALS Property Associates installed a wall vapor barrier at a residential property in Dowling, MI. This home had an interior drainage system that ran under the slab. The water would seep down the wall to the drain tile located under the slab. This system needed to be properly sealed to prevent radon gas from entering the home. A 20 mil vapor barrier was installed on the wall and sealed below the drainage matting to allow water to seep down the wall to the drain tile. This new barrier will now stop radon gas and also prevent mold spores from entering the home from the exterior wall.

Sub Membrane Depressurization - Kalamazoo, MI

Check out the before and after photos of a sub-membrane depressurization completed by our team. We proceeded and installed 20 mil Cleanspace Vapor Barrier throughout the crawlspace. We then completely sealed it making it airtight. Our depressurization system is connected creating negative pressure under the barrier. The radon gas follows the bath of least resistance and is safely vented up above the roof. 



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