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Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

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Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

Low voltage fan with a moisture water guard (Extended 10-year warranty). All schedule 40 PVC Vent piping is professionally installed and blends in well with the white siding. 

Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

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Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

This radon mitigation project is on a newer home. The drain tile is laid around the entire foundation and ties into the sump pump pit. We made our suction point in the back corner and tied directly into the drain tile helping us communicate with the entire basement. We also sealed up the sump pump pit with a lid to seal off the system.

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Your trusted contractor for radon testing, radon mitigation, & other indoor air quality services in Holland, MI

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and has been found throughout the country, including Holland, MI. The only way to tell if you have radon in your home is with professional radon testing. Luckily, ALS Property Associates, Inc can help.

As a member of National Radon Defense, we can test your home and identify if your home has a dangerous level of radon. If your home does have an elevated radon level then we can help by installing a radon mitigation system. Our tried and tested mitigation systems pull radon outside your home and can reduce even the highest radon levels back to a safe level. We also offer other indoor air quality services for removing contaminants like particles, allergens, chemical pollutants, and more.

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  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • Indoor air cleaners
  • HUD Multi-Family Radon Policy Mitigation
  • Breathe EZ UVC Light
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Breathe EZ Air Cleaner
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
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Job Stories From Holland, MI
Radon Mitigation - Holland, MI

Jess completed a store-bought charcoal radon test in her home. She decided to call ALS Property Associates, Inc once the levels came back elevated at 10.5 pCi/L. She knew this was more than double the recommended EPA level and wanted to take immediate action. It was important for her to have someone professionally install a mitigation system to improve the indoor air quality of her home.

After completing some research, Jess decided to contact ALS Property Associates, Inc. Our team inspected her home and came up with a proposal to professionally mitigate the radon levels in the home.

The newly built house had drain tile that was run under the entire slab when the home was built and tied into the sump pump pit located in the utility room. Our team cored a hole in the back corner of the utility room, removed the gravel, and tied into the existing drain tile. We ran Schedule 40 PVC piping from the suction point up the basement wall and outside to the back corner of the home hidden behind the garage. Jess was happy with the location as the outdoor radon fan and vent piping was not only somewhat hidden but blended in with the already white siding of the home. Once the system was installed, we installed and sealed a sump pump cover to effectively seal the system and slow radon entry into the home. It was important for Jess and her family that the newly installed system be covered as they just built the home and wanted it to last. ALS installed a moisture water guard and extended the warranty from 5 years to 10 years.

Following the mitigation, post radon testing showed the radon levels were dropped dramatically from 10.5 pCi/L to 1.7 pCi/L. Jessica was extremely happy with the results and had piece of mind that the air quality of her home was greatly improved. Our team is happy we were able to help Jess and her family lower their radon levels and look forward to working with their neighbors.  

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