Indoor Air Quality of our Homes - Covid-19

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 by Doug Smith

Now is the time to really consider the indoor air quality of your home. With Covid-19 we are spending more time in our homes than ever before. The air we breathe in our homes can be more polluted than the air we are breathing outdoors and directly affect the health of our daily lives. Homes can have elevated radon levels, mold issues, carbon monoxide, and even VOC issues. Newly built homes have potentially hazardous indoor air issues as they are buttoned up super tight for energy efficiency. This can trap indoor pollutants in your home that have the potential to cause health concerns for the occupants.

Below is a list of important maintenance strategies to help keep the air you breathe safe:

  • Make sure all gutters and downspouts are not clogged and the water is being properly diverted away from the foundation or slab
  • Run a dehumidifier in the basement
    • It is important to keep the moisture level below 60 percent as mold spores can start to grow on cellulose materials
  • Keep contents stored in high moisture locations such as a basement in plastic containers
    • Remember – Cardboard boxes are cellulose material and provide nutrients for mold growth (Many of our clients who have mold issues have lots of cardboard boxes stored in their basement along with paper materials such as books)
  • Have your air ducts cleaned every two years
    • Most people say every five years, every two is more effective if affordable to the occupant
  • Open your windows occasionally and allow fresh air to enter your home when possible
  • Be aware of what chemicals you have stored in your home along with location
    • Basic household chemicals, adhesive, and construction materials can cause issues with the air we breathe (VOC’s Be Aware!)
  • Make sure your attic has enough ventilation along with proper insulation
    • When installed improperly insulation can block soffit vents and prevent ventilation in an attic causing mold issues
    • Lack of sufficient insulation can also cause condensation on the attic sheathing causing possible mold issues
  • Always have Carbon Monoxide detectors and make sure they are properly installed and working
    • This goes with smoke detectors as well!
  • Test your home for Radon
    • The only way to know if you have elevated levels of radon is to test (Call a professional or purchase a test kit at the hardware store)

There are many different solutions to improve indoor air quality of your home. ALS Property Associates has a variety of options to help improve the air you and your family breathe daily. Our focus is to help improve your daily life and to always provide top notch service to the communities that we serve. If you have any questions regarding your indoor air quality, please do not hesitate to look us up online or give us a call.  1-269-200-3500

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